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Carling Contura Illuminated 3 Switch Under-Dash Switch Panel

Manufacturer #:UDC03A

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Carling Contura Under-Dash Switch Panel

Need a few high quality switches for driving lights, rock lights, back up lights, 12 volt air compressor, lockers, radios, auxiliary fan or? Well, here is a simple and flexible solution. Three illuminated Carling Contura rocker switches that mount under the dash or in a variety of locations in almost any vehicle!
Jeep Off Road Carling Contura Illuminated 3 Switch Under-Dash Switch Panel

  • 20 Amp 12 Volt Rated Heavy Duty Illuminated Carling Contura II V-Series Switches
  • Powder Coated Steel Panel
  • Vibration, Shock, Thermoshock & Moisture Resistant Switches
  • Same Carling Switches Used In Many Of Our Switch Panels
  • Standard 1/4" Blade Terminals For Easy Connections
  • Tested & Proven Off Road
  • Panel Face: 4 5/16" x 2 7/16" Mounting Surface: 4 5/16" x 1 1/4"
  • Standard Switch Actuators Shown (Red, Green & Amber Lenses)
  • Any Actuator Lens Color Combination Available On Request
  • Includes Terminals For Switches & Mounting Hardware
  • Comes Partially Wired (ground for switch illumination)
  • Other Wiring, Connectors, Terminals Etc. Not Included
Universal Under Dash Carling Contura 3 Switch Panel Jeep rock off road marine  Illuminated

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