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Military Battery Terminal Covers (single cable - left entry)

Sku:MTBLx1, MTBLx2, MTBLx4, MTBLx10

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Military Battery Terminal Covers (left entry)

These military battery terminal boots are the perfect addition for your military terminal equipped battery when you only need one cable attached to the battery terminal. They provide safety and good looks at the same time.
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  • Round 1/2" hole for single cable left entry applications
  • High temperature PVC construction
  • Protects against accidental shorts
  • Helps prevent corrosion
  • Color coded red & black
  • Complies with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 subpart I, and ISO 10133
  • Each set includes 1 black (negative) and 1 red (positive) boot
  • Terminals not included

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