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Self Fusing Silicone Tape

Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? If you answered yes then you are prepared for just about anything, if not, you should be. This high quality Self Fusing Silicone Tape should be in everyone’s tool kit, emergency supplies or get-out-of-dodge pack. You might call this stuff the “Swiss Army Knife” of tape.  Made from high-performance silicone elastomer that, when stretched, bonds to itself in seconds.

Manufactured to military and aviation standards and significantly exceeds military specifications for Type I and Type II silicone tape. Developed for and used by the military, essentially the military version of Rescue Tape.
This is the highest quality, fastest fusing and strongest silicone tape on the market. You’ll want to have a roll or two around on the trail, in your home, in your vehicles or wherever life takes you. Prefect addition to your expedition or off-road rig, this is one of those “tools” that when you need it and don’t have it you’ll really wish you had a roll. It won't fix everything, nothing will, but you will find many uses for this quality product.
Self Fusing Silicone Tape F4 Tape off road expedition rig jeep repair jeeping wheeling prime 4x4
  • BIG 36 Foot Roll (1" Wide X .020" (20mil) X 36' Long)
  • Available In Original Red Oxide Or Black
  • Latest FAST-FUSING Silicone Formula (bonds to itself in seconds)
  • Meets And Exceeds Military Specifications (mill spec)
  • Resists 500F Degrees (260C) & Constant Temperatures Of 392F Degrees (200C)
  • 950PSI Tensile Strength
  • Triangular Construction (2x thicker in the middle)
  • Insulates To 8,000 Volts Per Layer
  • Resistant to Oils, Fuels, And Many Chemicals
  • Create Permanent Repairs On A Variety Of Materials (never comes unraveled)
  • Guide Line Down The Middle For Easy Overlapping To Create A Quality Repair
  • The Perfect Gift For That Person Your Life That Pretty Much Has Everything
Perfect For A Variety Of Repairs On Or Off The Trail - Limited Only By Your Imagination

Insulating and protecting wiring and connections
Waterproofing connections and fittings
Use in place of heat shrink tubing or electrical tape
Wrapping wire bundles for added safety and protection
Wrapping tool handles, levers and knobs for a non-slip grip. Emergency repairs on lines and hoses

Self Fusing Silicone Tape F4 Tape off road expedition rig jeep jeeping wheeling prime 4x4

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