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Second - '84-'96 Jeep Cherokee & Comanche In-Dash DIY Blank Unfinished Panel - Second

We have few of these panels that were accidentally cut from slightly thinner steel (24ga) than our normal 20 gauge panels.

Do you need a mounting location on your XJ or MJ dash for a GPS mount, phone mount or other device?  This unfinished do-it-yourself panel creates a convenient location in the dash of your XJ or MJ for whatever you may want to mount. Supply your own mounting bracket and make it a one-of-a-kind installation to suit your unique needs. Great for almost any small device you need to mount in your dash. Ugrade your XJ or MJ today!

 second Jeep Cherokee Comanche Dash Mount GPS Phone Blank Unfinished Switch Panel Off Road

  • Fits Most 1984 to 1996 Jeep Cherokees & Comanches
  • Replaces The Clock Section Of The Dash To The Right Of The Instrument Cluster
  • Unfinished, Raw/Bare Steel Panel - Will Need To Be Prepped & Finished By Installer
  • Includes Mounting Hardware & Installation Instructions
  • Requires Removal Of The Clock & Any Indicator Lights In The Upper Right Portion Of The Dash
  • Device Mount, Mount Hardware, Wiring, Switches, Terminals, Etc. Not Included
  • Limited Quantity Available

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