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Relay, Socket and Harness Kit

Complete relay, socket and harness allows for easy installation and saves time. The socket is manufactured with 14 gauge wire leads on the 30, 87 & 87A terminals and 20 gauge wire leads on the 85 & 86 terminals. The ISO relay features an integrated mounting bracket.
Relay Socket & Harness Kit 40/60A NC/NO 12V DC

  • Complete Relay, Socket & Harness Kit
  • Rated At 40/60A (NC/NO) 12V DC
  • ISO Relay Includes A Mounting Bracket For Easy Installation
  • Sockets Snap Together To Create A Bank Of Relays
  • 14 Gauge 12" Wire Leads On 30, 87 & 87A Terminals
  • 20 Gauge 12" Wire Leads On 85 & 86 Terminals
  • Basic Wiring Diagram Included
Relay Socket Harness Kit  40 60A 12V DC NC NO ISO Wiring Diagram

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