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Six Circuit Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Block with Cover

Adding electrical accessories to your off-road vehicle or trailer? Blue Sea ST Blade Fuse Blocks offer a space saving and cost effective solution to adding circuit protection for devices added to your off-road vehicle. A single circuit breaker on the battery or other suitable 12 volt supply can provide circuit protection for the feed wire to the ST Blade Fuse Block. This is frequently done for electronics that each have their own ON-OFF switch and don’t require the switching offered by a circuit breaker. The fuse block then provides a consolidated location for fuses for each of the added components. Designed for marine use these fuse blocks will be right at home on your off-road vehicle.
blue sea 5028 ato atc fuse block off road expedition rig trailer jeep jeeping wheeling

  • Six Circuits
  • Maximum Amperage 30A Per Circuit 100A Per Block
  • Maximum Voltage 32V DC
  • Tin Plated Copper Buses & Fuse Clips
  • Accepts Ring Or Spade Terminals
  • Screw Terminal Type #8-32 Screws With Captive Star Lock Washer
  • Weight 0.42lb (0.19 kg)
  • Includes 20 Write-On Circuit Labels
  • Accepts ATO® & ATC® Fast Acting Blade Fuses - Fuses Not Included

6 Circuit Blue Sea 5028 Fuse Block

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