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1/4" Split Loom Wire Insertion Tools

By popular request. Many of our customers request only these hard to find small blue wire loom tools. Have you ever fought getting wires into 1/4" split loom and felt like you lost the battle? These little tools might just save the day. It’s fairly difficult to squeeze a bundle of wires into small split loom with your fingers. These little devices make a difficult job simple, just insert the wires in the tool and pull it through the loom. If you are doing any amount of wiring on your vehicle you’ll wonder how you ever got along without these.

  • Easier Way To Feed A Bundle Of Wires Into Almost Any Type Of Small Split Corrugated Loom
  • Simple Solution For A Difficult Task
  • Protects Wires During Installation
  • Insert Wires Into Tool, Fold The Tool Over The Wires Then Pull Through Loom
  • These Small Blue Tools Takes A Bit of Practice But Work Great Once You Get It Down


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