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Premium Military Style Battery Terminal & Cover Sets

Setting up a battery in your off-road rig and want the best and most versatile components? Well here is a package deal to save a few bucks and get all the parts you need at one time.
Our Military Style Battery Terminals are great for adding accessories like a winch or other high amperage equipment (side terminals just won’t handle a winch). We improve on the standard terminals by including hex head grade 5 zinc plated bolts and nylon lock nuts. Lock nuts eliminate loosening of the fasteners which can happen occasionally and the hex head bolts and lock nuts make installation easier. We include all the nuts and bolts shown so you are able to mix and match fasteners to suit your needs.  

These lead free terminals also work great when used with dual (post and side) terminal batteries. You are able to use the side terminals for starting and powering normal circuits and the top posts for other added accessories. They are also indispensable for dual or multiple battery configurations. Or, if you just need to replace a battery cable, you can use these heavy duty terminals and a less expensive cable with eyelets or lugs on both ends.

For orders outside the US please contact us for shipping costs!

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Military Battery Terminals
  • Low profile design - only 3/4" tall
  • Die cast zinc alloy
  • Much tougher than lead
  • Corrosion resistant plating
  • Lead free (RoHS compliant)
  • Each set includes 1 positive and 1 negative terminal
  • Large through bolt Is 3/8”, small clamping bolt Is 5/16”
  • Also great for sound systems, lighting, hydraulics or any high amp demand equipment
Military Battery Terminal Boots
  • Oval hole for multiple cables
  • Perfect addition to military battery terminals
  • High temperature PVC construction (105C/221F)
  • Protects against accidental shorts
  • Provide safety and good looks at the same time
  • Helps prevent corrosion
  • Each set includes 1 red & 1 black boot
  • Complies with ABYC E-9, USCG 33 subpart I, and ISO 1013
We can easily substitute our single cable right entry or single cable left entry boots in these packages. Please leave us a note when you order

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